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Kinetic Expedition Africa Cape St Francis

16 September 2021 082 564 6468

Team Format and Entry Fees


Teams of 4 members and teams of 2 members.

Teams can consist of members of any combination - (males and/or females)

If you want to join an existing team, create a new team or are looking for members to fill up your team, contact us at and we will list your contact details below.


  • R 6400 per team of four members.
  • R 3200 per team of two members.
  • All athletes will receive an Event shirt.
  • All team members will receive Sunday brunch.

Dates and Times


13h00: Expedition book to be mailed to all teams.
13h00: Indemnity form to be mailed to all teams.
13h00: Covid Release Waiver form to be mailed to all teams.
13h00: Team medical information form to be mailed to all teams.
13h00: Route flow chart and Logistical planner mailed to all teams.
13h00: Sample of 1:50 000 scale map to be mailed to all teams


13h00 and onwards: Cycle drop off at transition 1.
14h00 and onwards: Teams accommodation check in.
20h00: Registration.
21h00: Team introduction, Adventure briefing and maps Leg 1 hand out.
23h00: Packed re-supply box A hand-in.
23h00: Packed re-supply box B hand-in at.
23h00: Packed kayak bag hand-in.


6h00: Bus transport leaves to start.
7h30: Hand out of Spot GPS Trackers at start area.
8h00: Adventure start.


8h00 - 10h00: Breakfast.
10h00: Awards Ceremony


Cape St. Francis Resort. Website:

Cape St. Francis resort is located in the town of Cape St. Francis and is the ideal family resort. Overlooking St. Francis Bay and a 5-minute walk from the beach, this expansive resort is 1.9 km from the historic Seal Point Lighthouse and 3 km from St. Francis Airfield.
Accommodation ranges from relaxed dorms to high-end cottages with full kitchens, and villas with private pools. Hotel-style rooms come with private balconies (some with sea views) and BBQ grills. Wi-Fi is available.
Parking is free. There's a seafood restaurant and a bar, as well as a spa and and an outdoor pool. Other amenities include water sports and meeting rooms.

No Camping.

All accommodation bookings at: (indicate to booking person that you are participating in this event to qualify for the discounted price).

Distance & Disciplines


This adventure will cover approximately 120 km.

Top teams are expected to finish the course in 12 hours with the last team in before 24 hours.

All teams should be able to finish before 8h00 Sunday morning


Mountain biking – teams should be prepared for a range of riding including single track, steep hills, gravel roads and sealed roads.

Trekking – will involve traveling by foot through rugged and diverse terrain.

Kayaking – kayaking will be on a dam. Details will be outlined at race briefing. Kayaks will be provided by race organisers. Teams can use their own paddles or book paddles from Kinetic on the online entry form.

Orienteering – orienteering is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using map and compass.

Equipment & Competency Required


Click HERE for the list of Compulsory Competitor Equipment (download & save a copy)


At least one member of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map during the day and night. The team must be able to orientate a map, identify grid references on a map, take a bearing between two points on a map, and understand the impact of magnetic declination.

The teams must be able to describe what their team would do if it becomes lost.

At least one member of the team should have experience in basic First Aid.

All team members must be suitably competent in all disciplines included in the event as specified by the race organizer and be able to complete the event without any assistance from any person other than own team members.

The following Kayaking Skills must be mastered: managing a capsized craft in deep water; righting and emptying a craft in deep water; getting back in and continuing paddling.

Swimming 100m of any stroke.

There will be no competency checks at registration. By entering this event, teams acknowledge that they are competent in all the skills required to complete an event of this nature.

For more information on the event including prizes, rules and regulations and much more click HERE