Expedition Africa presents

AR World Championship 2019 - Rodrigues

Merrell has two teams that will be lining up amongst the world’s finest Adventure Racing teams at the start of this year’s Expedition Africa, the AR World Championship. The event will take place on the unique island of Rodrigues from 29 August to 8 September 2019. The teams have had a focused build up as they prepared for what promises to be a tough and technical race.

Expedition Africa 2019 will be a unique race course concept, a first of its kind. The entire race will be made up of one continuous leg, NO “transitions” and NO outside support. A distance of 320 km will be covered consisting of approximately 61 km paddle, 145 km mountain biking, 114 km trekking.

The first Merrell team is the Merrell Missiles, made up of; Donovan Sim, Athena Sims, Roland Pearce and David Palmer. The second being Team Merrell includes Graham Bird, Hanno Smit, Tatum Prins and Lance Kime.

“To do this (EA) with like minded individuals as a team is just the
blessing of blessings. The environment of Rodrigues is just the cherry on to,
a place of natural beauty and great challenge…”

~David Palmer

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