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AR World Championship 2018 - La Reunion

Merrell Adventure Addicts will be lining up amongst the world’s finest Adventure Racing teams at the start inside an old volcano on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion for the AR World Championships on 9 November. The team has had a focused build up as they prepared for what promises to be a tough and technical race. Pre-race statistics reveal a course of just 430km with 17,000m of elevation gain and an expected winning time of 5 days. The organisers Raid in France have repeatly warned competitors to “forget your usual reference of progression times”

“With a wide range of disciplines being listed for the event - Trekking, MTB, Canyoning, Caving, Ropework, Sea kayak and Packrafting – we have concentrated our training on improving our skills in each discipline and practicing going slow fast”, comments the Team Captain Graham Bird, one of South Africa’s most experienced Adventure Racers.

Joining Bird in the Merrell team for the event will be Hanno Smit, the stalwart Oom of the Addicts and veteran of over 20 expedition length races. His unconventional preparation for the event has involved fighting fires, fending off sharks and a life threatening blood infection, complemented by a few stitches from a rogue stick that went sideways through his leg.

Having helped the team to podium at several local and international races as well as making sure Springbok rugby star Stefan Terblanche survived the team’s 9 day epic ordeal of GODZone in February, Grant Ross gets his first shot at a World Championship.Tracey Campbell, a small package with a huge smile that barely conceals her fierce competitiveness, joins the team for her first expedition with Team Merrell having competed locally with Team Castle Lite.

“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony
and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.”

~Irving Wallace

Mentored by Merrell

Meet our Adventure Addicts Team

The South African MERRELL Adventure Addicts live life “Outside and Alive” – competing in a wide array of disciplines from trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, canoeing, SUPping, spearfishing, reckless dancing and of course adventure racing.

None of them have mastered roller blading or social media and despite all being phenomenal and accomplished athletes remain humble and human.

The core squad of the MERRELL team was formed back in 2004 and has successfully competed in numerous adventure races and multisport events throughout South Africa and internationally.

As the original members start finding reading glasses and knee replacements on their equipment list, they have brought in some younger recruits to regale with stories of the old days.

Merrell Adventure Addicts Team Training

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