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De Wildt Adventure Trails

By Must Love Hiking


"Imagine a space where you can become one with nature and take in the beautiful surrounds of the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains, just the place to recharge your soul", is De Wildt Adventure Trails.

We had our eye on this trail for some time and we enjoyed our time out there. It is feisty but rewarding.

6km, 8.5km trails and more available


The terrain is rugged but well marked and well maintained

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat, water, a walking stick (optional) and snacks


The route starts with a feisty ascent for at least 2km which will make you wonder if this is real, but the view is magical.

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Field Notes:

This trail has multiple ascents and descents, and quality hiking footwear is vital to ensure that your feet, knees and ankles are secure. You can own your very own pair of Merrell footwear by going to, let us know when you do so.
Bertie Bossert, the trail owner at this venue spoke highly of the @Merrell footwear. He says that it is the one boot that has lasted the longest of all as he carved out many hiking trails.

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Trail Log:

The terrain is rugged but as you hike through the trail the views of the Magaliesberg mountains give you the motivation to go on. The 2km ascent as you start on these trails no doubt increases your heart rate. The best way to hike this trail is just to stop regularly and take in the views. There is a scenic gorge that you will see as you climb to the first split.
The group who did the pups trail rested at the top of the mountain overlooking the Harties Dam and soon a kettle of vultures flew above us. It was truly a picture to behold. They are graceful and majestic. We were blessed to be able to witness such magnificence.
The descent is easy but slippery so care must be taken. A wise motion when hiking down is to move sideways. It takes the pressure off the toes, knees and ankles and keeps you safe from slipping.

The 8.5km circles around from the split and flattens out to where you can see the Harties Dam. It is not too difficult. There are many places to rest and appreciate the views from the top.

This trail is suitable if you are training for the Otter Trail and the like.
The trail is very well-marked and gives you peace of mind while hiking.
It is a joy to hike on a trail that is well-maintained and marked.
The cost for these trails is R100pp, and most of them are pet-friendly except for Wild Dog and Brown Hyena.
Bertie Bossert is very passionate and a great host. The staff at the restaurant are friendly and the food is delicious.
They have accommodation should you wish to do multiple trails or just want to rest before returning home.