MTL Long Sky

Challenge yourself when no one else is challenging you. The Agility Peak 4 is designed to help you challenge yourself on even the most rugged of trails. Trail running is no longer about simply running outside. Today, athletes are taking it to a whole new level by testing their limits and venturing out onto rockier terrains. That is why we have come up with a footwear design that can help you do all this and more. This footwear design comprises a grippy sole, thicker midsole that is made up of the lighter-weight FloatProTM foam, and an overall cushioned runner which will ensure that your feet remain comfortable and protected. Now, you can also feel secure during the rocky sections of your trail, as the outsole of this footwear style consists of Vibram Megagrip, allowing for a strong grip on rocks. Enjoy the outdoors and push yourself to new limits with The Agility Peak 4.

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