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Ezemvelo Nature Reserve 21km

By Voets Toets Hiking


Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, Bronkhorstspruit was such a great experience the first time around, that we decided to venture back to try out the camping facilities and complete the hiking trails on offer. 👣

It's situated outside of Bronkhorstspruit, which is a stone's throw from Johannesburg and Pretoria. It's a rejuvenating bushveld getaway with so much on offer. Once again the wildlife was a beauty to behold!

There are 5, 15 and 21km trails available


The trails are well marked and does become technical

Merrell shoes, walking stick, sunscreen, a wide-brim hat, comfortable, cool clothing, sufficient electrolyte hydration/water and fruit/snacks


The start of the trail covers the small koppie area behind the venue. It then leads onto the beautiful open grasslands, and onwards towards a rocky koppie at the northern end of the reserve. It did become more technical in nature after the rock pool picnic stop, as we were then led into a more rocky, technical terrain. It is a well-marked route.

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Field Notes:

The past few weeks have been exceptionally hot and this day was no different. Essential items for this trail included: sunscreen, a wide-brim hat, comfortable, cool clothing, sufficient electrolyte hydration, energy snacks and a cooling towel. Our Merrell shoes gave us stability and grip en route. We used hiking sticks to provide us with support, which was needed on the rocky elevations. Always be aware and cautious of wildlife whilst walking, ensuring that you are being respectful in their territory.

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Trail Log:

We made use of the camping site which was truly an amazing experience. There was sufficient shade with all the trees located in the camp. The ablution facilities were well-maintained and clean. There was access to water and electricity points. Our site was visited by vervet monkeys which have their home on the koppie behind the camp, so always ensure all food items are well locked away when they come to say hi. 😂

The camp area was also visited regularly by wildebeest and impala, which was a beautiful site. After the hike we were able to cool down with a refreshing swim and enjoyed a braai surrounded by good friends. Unfortunately, we did experience a severe hail storm in the evening, so it's advised to have a good tent and the necessary waterproof protection. The reserve offers day visiting, camping, chalets, school events, guided safaris and so much more!

Please check out their website to get a full review of all they have to offer. Voets Toets Hiking will certainly be back for more adventures!