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Harties River Hiking Trail

By Must Love Hiking


"The fleeting hour of life of those who love the hills is quickly spent, but the hills are eternal. Always there will be the lonely ridge, the dancing beck, the silent forest; always there will be the exhilaration of the summits. These are for the seeking, and those who seek and find while there is still time will be blessed both in mind and body."

– Alfred Wainwright

We sought after the Harties River Hiking Trail, and we were mesmerized. The initial process to plan and book for this hike is a bit of a process but I appreciate order. Max from @Harties River Hiking Trail was a delight to work with. There is a 10-minute compulsory hike brief before setting off on the trails. There was a buzz of activity and excitement as our hikers started arriving.

We occupied nearly all the seats as our expected number of hikers went from 20 to 40+ on the day.

6km, 8km and10km trail on offer


The trails are moderate to easy until the 3km mark, which then becomes moderate to difficult

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat and snacks


The trails are moderate to easy until the 3km mark as you hike along the river. This is where the groups separated, one group made a U-turn to complete the 6km trail, while the other two groups continued up the feisty ascent to complete the 8km and 10km trails.

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Field Notes:

This trail is moderate to difficult; therefore, good footwear is required to ensure a pleasant hiking experience. Whenever you are hiking, it is wise to be prepared and to take care of your feet. We enjoy our @Merrell hiking footwear. We know that we will enjoy our time on a trail.

You can own your very own pair of Merrell footwear by going to, let us know when you do so.

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Trail Log:

The 6km trail is extremely scenic, hiking along the Harties River with an ascent that is bearable. The view of the Harties Dam is breathtaking. There are some great picture moments. We spent some time there, snacking, chatting and making memories before returning to the base. We did notice a rustic guesthouse along the trail. A place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life that is not too far away.

The two groups (8km and 10km) continued up the ascent. It is a steady climb of approximately 1.5 km to the top of the mountain. The team rested at the top while overlooking the Harties Dam from the South side. Beautiful scenery as you can tell from the many pictures.

If you look really close, you can view the Magaliesberg Mountains in the distance.

After the rest and snack period, the team started with descent. This does impact the knees so care must always be taken. The hike takes you back to base with different sceneries as you descend. The 10km crisscrosses the 8km on the descent more than once.

The end is welcoming with the river flowing, birds building nests, cows along the river edge and fresh outdoor fragrances.

We enjoyed a meal at The Rusty Feather Restaurant afterwards.

The cost for this trail is R60pp cash payments only. There are no card facilities

To book this hike, you must send a WhatsApp message to Max at 063 177 4735

You will be required to complete the indemnity form before starting the hike.

There are ablution facilities at the start and end should you need a bathroom break.