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Harties Trail Running

By Must Love Hiking


We managed to convince Max at Harties Trail Running / Hiking to let us do the maiden night hike (sunset hike) at this breathtaking venue. We were delighted when he agreed and started to make our plans. Very quickly our hikers agreed.

It was the second night hike for Must Love Hiking and definitely something that we will do over and over again.

The thrill of hiking at night, with your torch is absolutely incredible and very different from hiking in the daylight.

The trail changes at night. As you hike through the night breeze, the sound of crickets in the pitch dark is authentic. It gives you that feeling of being totally vulnerable to nature.

6km and 8km trails


This trail is quite feisty with major ascents and descents and is well marked

Merrell shoes, snacks, water


We started just after the brief and over the bridge, through the gate and onto the 6km trail alongside the Crocodile River. Once we reached the halfway mark, we took a left onto the 8km trail and the feisty ascent welcomed us with a rocky trail that seemed to never want to end.

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Field Notes:

This trail is quite feisty with major ascents and descents. It is vital to have the correct footwear to avoid injuries. We enjoy our @Merrell hiking footwear.

You can own your very own pair of Merrell footwear by going to, let us know when you do so. More of our hikers are wearing Merrells and they are enjoying the experience.

The best way to hike this trail is to take as many breaks on the ascents as possible, turn around and just appreciate the spectacular view.

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Trail Log:

Our group arrived around 15h30 with tons of excitement for the sunset hike. We packed yummy cocktail pies for each hiker to enjoy with some coffee on the mountain while we waited for the sunset.

We spent a memorable time at the top before descending. Our hiking kettles were boiling as we made ourselves comfortable on the rocks for seats to enjoy the exquisite sunset.
We did experience a tiny detour while descending but very quickly found our way and arrived safely back to base where Max was waiting for us.

It is a brilliant venue for a night hike because it is well-marked, gorgeous, and not too far from home.

The cost to hike at this venue is R60pp and cash only.
If you pay by card, then it will be R65pp.
There is a compulsory 10-minute brief about the trail before you set off.

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