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Hennops Hiking Trail

By Must Love Hiking


Saturday, 20th of April 2024

Headcount for this hike, 50 hikers
The air was crisp and breezy as we arrived for this hike but very soon into the hike, we had to strip from our long sleeves as the sun came out in full force.
Our April Otter group, who are departing this week, did the 5km trail as the last hike before taking on the magnificent Otter Trail.

2.5km; 5km and 10km trails on offer


Safe and well-marked trail

Merrell hiking boots, a hat, windbreaker, water and snacks, sunblock


You can either take the suspension bridge or the cable car to start the 5km trail. The 10km trail will start at the river.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell hiking boots are always a winner for uneven trails. You can purchase your very own @Merrell footwear on the website, www. We wear the Erie Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking boot that is super comfortable.

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Trail Log:

The Hennops Hiking Trail has many obstacles along the way, including the cable car, the suspension bridges, and the tyre ladder at Hospital Corner where you can get a spectacular view of the Hennops River.

 The 10km will test you on the other side of the mountain. It is indeed quite a climb and navigating across step ladders. There are a number of viewpoints along the way. This is especially lovely to see when you need to take a break, for a snack or just do breathing exercises.

 For many of our hikers who have done this trail before, for some reason, it seemed as if it had changed as it was more challenging this time around. Nonetheless, they spoke fondly of this trail and loved the challenge again.

 There is an escape route on the 10km should you wish to exit sooner.

 We had a very friendly Labrador who hiked along the 10km with our group for a long while before returning to base.
The 5km trail has lots more shady areas compared to the 10km. Ensure you're equipped with effective sun protection like a hat, sunscreen, and a windbreaker if you are going to do the 10km.

 We always encourage our hikers to participate in many of the obstacles that this trail has to offer. They are somewhat challenging but great fun.

The cable car that runs across the feisty Hennops River is not for everyone but it is safe and loads of fun. You must remember to pick up the rope on the left hand side so that you can pull yourself in.

It is very important to have sufficient hydration (water and isotonic) on a trail of this nature.
It was reassuring to see the security staff along the trail, ensuring the safety of the hikers.

 The cost for this trail is R100pp.

They open at 06h30 although their website says 07h00.

They have a picnic area at this venue

They also have a cafe that makes tasty food and drinks once you are done with your hike or mountain bike ride.