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Hoogland Conservation Area

By Voets Toets Hiking


Hoogland Conservation Area is located in the Schurveberg mountain range close to Pretoria and Johannesburg. It's a 400 ha venue that offers hiking trails and a hydro spa. It's a beautiful piece of land that has so much to offer! Voets Toets Hiking has always been intrigued by this venue and we decided to see it for ourselves! Hoogland Hiking Trails has over 30km of trails and boasts a range of game and birdlife. It has a variety of indigenous trees and we got to see unique dolomitic rock formations which is a rare sighting in our ventures. The land varies from bushveld to grassland and our hike was truly spectacular.

Hoogland Hiking Trails has over 30km of trails


The trail we selected was technical in nature and not well marked

Merrell shoes, walking stick, water/electrolytes and fruit/snacks


The trail we selected was technical in nature. Even though our distance covered was shorter than previous hikes, the cardio and body workout were great! It was a rocky terrain so we had to ensure good footing throughout our hike. The views were amazing and well worth it. The plant and tree life were truly unique. We got to see a little tortoise en route to his destination which brought a special element to our journey.

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Field Notes:

A hiking stick is a must in this sort of terrain, as well as your favourite Merrell shoes. Gators are an advantage due to the long grass we experienced en route. A good dose of sunscreen and insect spray was also required. Enough hydration/electrolytes and high-energy snacks were on the menu.

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Trail Log:

This venue is a must-see, due to its unique lands and beautiful views! The venue does offer braai and picnic facilities. There is an option for a guided hike which takes you on an adventure into the hidden caves on the property. Make 2024 the year to go and venture this unique opportunity 👣