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Hoogland Hiking Trails

By Voets Toets Hiking


Hoogland Conservation Area is located in the Schurweberg mountain range close to Pretoria and Johannesburg. It's a 400-ha venue that offers hiking trails and a hydro spa. Voets Toets Hiking ventured there earlier this year and we were so impressed with this venue, we had to go back to explore the other trails on offer. 👣

This venue has over 30 km of trails to explore


Trail is easily navigated; rocky but not technical

Merrell Footwear; Sunscreen; hat; bug spray; solid hiking stick; water; energy snacks and fruit


The trail we selected this time around was manageable and easily navigated. The beginning of the hike took us up a steep ascent up the mountain. It was a bit rocky at times, but not technical. The view of the surrounding lands once we reached the top was breathtaking! The stillness and tranquillity were humbling, with us feeling like we were on top of the world. The landscape ranges from grasslands to more wooded areas. There were rocky areas en route down, so steady footing and going at a slow pace is recommended.

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Field Notes:

Due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing, non-negotiable items in your backpack are sunscreen and good hat protection. We were visited by many little bugs en route, so have some bug spray/cream on hand to prevent any little bites. Voets Toets always recommend a solid hiking stick and good Merrell shoes to navigate difficult sections. Last but not least, ensure you have enough hydration to prevent dehydration. Energy snacks and fruit are always a necessity.

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Trail Log:

Hoogland, has so much land on offer to explore! The venue does offer braai and picnic facilities and if you looking for a weekend getaway, take a look at their Hydro spa, Hoogland Health Hydro which has awesome facilities available. Voets Toets will most certainly be back for another adventure. 👣