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Iron Throne

By Must Love Hiking


The Iron Throne hike has been on our list for a while. Our recce team went out to spy out the land and returned with our group soon thereafter.

This venue is impressive, but you are going to have to work pretty hard before you get to the top to enjoy the spectacular view and facilities.

When we see a mountain, we look for a trail to see how we can reach the top.

There are many trails, but the Purple Trail (6.4km) is currently the only trail open for hiking.


Well marked but arduous hike

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat and snacks


We passed the Wolves, the Cheetahs, and some Llamas before starting on the purple trail. It is an immediate ascent that meanders through the rugged trail to the top of the mountain.

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Field Notes:

This trail definitely requires hiking footwear that is going to secure your ankles. If you intend to take hiking seriously, you need to invest in quality footwear. The first place you should stop is for your very own pair of Merrell footwear.

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Trail Log:

This trail meanders through the terrain and mountains until you reach the glorious top. It is a constant ascent with minor flat areas to give you a chance to catch your breath.

There is a wrecked car on the trail - we still cannot understand how it got there. Was it planted there? We are not sure, but it does add a sort of suspense to the rugged terrain.

The view is just incredible. The best way to hike through this short but feisty trail is to stop frequently and embrace the view, look up to see the cable cars pass you by and hope that the passengers can see you from above. You will find yourself asking the question, "Now why did I not just go up in the cable car?" but then where is the fun in that? The sense of accomplishment after a mighty hike through rugged terrain is way better than hanging in the air. (Although that is also not too shabby, I did try that too.)

The venue at the top of the mountain is like an oasis with its many resting areas and food outlets. They have a few large bean bags for relaxation and some find themselves catching a cat-nap before descending the trail.

The view of the Harties Dam is astonishing.

When you complete this hike, you are absolutely rewarded with a seat on the Iron Throne for a memory capture.

The entrance for this venue is R75 pp.

You can also access this venue through the Harties Cable Way at R300 pp return or R180 one-way then you can opt to either hike up or down.

They only accept card payments.

Definitely a must-do trail!