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Klapperkop Nature Reserve

By Must Love Hiking


“The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.” “Hiking and happiness go hand in hand (or foot in boot).” “Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.” “Where the signposts end, the trail begins.”

– Unknown author

We were looking for a free trail and came across this interesting hiking venue in Pretoria.

This trail, although not difficult, proved to be a challenge for some on the day. It may have been the heat or simply something else. When our recce team went out to spy out the land, the trail was pleasant, and we agreed that everyone should be able to manage the 9km.

There is a 4km and a 9km trail


The trail is well-marked. The first 2km is quite flat, before the rugged ascent.

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat, water and snacks


The start of the trail is as you enter through the main gate. You can park your car at security and that is also where you will end on the trail. The 9km trail is well marked with green markers.

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Field Notes:

This trail is moderate. It is a given that good footwear is required to ensure a comfortable hiking experience. Whenever you are hiking, it is wise to be prepared and to take care of your feet. We enjoy our @Merrell hiking footwear. We know that we will enjoy our time on a trail.

You can own your very own pair of Merrell footwear by going to, let us know when you do so.

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Trail Log:

The first 2km is quite flat along the perimeter of the golf estate. There is very little shade so remember to wear a hat. Thereafter, you will hike among the trees and that is also where the trail starts to ascend. The terrain is rugged before you reach the end of the trail.

The trail will take you around the mountain from the main gate and back again. You will return to the main entrance where you start with spectacular views of Pretoria.

The visual of the many Jacaranda trees is a beautiful sight. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the view and our beautiful city. You can use this opportunity to take a snack break.

Although small mammals like mongooses, hedgehogs, hares and porcupines are difficult to spot, there is evidence that they are present. The birdlife is rich. Zebra, blue wildebeest and other game species are being reintroduced to this area. The Zebras are quite friendly.

There is no cost for this trail. You do not need to make a booking either.

The trail is well-marked.