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By Must Love Hiking


Saturday, 6th of April 2024We had 33 Hikers on this hike.
We chose this venue again because firstly it has free entrance, and most importantly, it is one of the few venues that has a variety of trails. You can choose the distance and intensity of your hike. We had two Otter groups doing training on this hike while the others hiked the scenic "Leah" trail which we named after my daughter.
A plus on this trail is that you will no doubt see wildlife. You will enjoy the sound of the river that runs through this trail, as well as the scenic ascents and descents.

Variety of trails on offer.


Each trail has a different colour and is clearly marked.

Solid, waterproof Merrell hiking boots, a walking stick, water and energy snacks


We started at the back entrance, also known as the Mondeor entrance. Everyone starts on the blue trail (we dubbed it the Leah trail) and then goes onto the yellow trail which leads you to the "mountain" top.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell hiking boots are always a winner for uneven trails. You can purchase your very own @Merrell footwear on the website. We wear the Erie Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking boot that is super comfortable.

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Trail Log:

The two groups hiked together on the blue trail for half a kilometre then branched off on the yellow trail, up the beautiful ascent. This is where you are tested and you ascend to the top. This part of the trail is, believe it or not, only 1km, but it can feel like 5km when doing it for the first time.
At the top, you can rest for a sip of water, enjoy a quick snack, and catch your breath while enjoying the scenic view from the top.

The team continued on the yellow trail and took a right towards the maroon markings. You eventually come out by the very visible pipe that runs across the trails. This serves as a very good landmark (especially if you find yourself lost on the trail).
We made our way back via the Dassie Trail but the Otter Groups branched off onto the Sunbird Trail (RED) for another 4km.
The rest of the group completed the trail, passed the Dassie's and onto the end where they would have to cross the river.
There is no cost for this trail and no booking is required.
However, if you are a large group, you may have to book in advance.
At the Mondeor entrance, there are some benches where you can picnic once done.
There are security guards and parking attendants to watch your car while you are hiking.