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Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

By Must Love Hiking


A fundraising initiative for a young 8 year old boy, who is in urgent need of medical support for a better quality of life. We were approached to lead a hike for this initiative and the response was overwhelming. A total of 48 hikers set out on the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve to enjoy a 9km hike. As winter sets in, you will notice the distinct change in the landscape at this venue.

Enjoy a 9km hike


Steep ascent for about 1km

Erie Mid Leather Waterproof hiking boot


We started at the Mondeor entrance which is also known as the back entrance to Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. 

The entire group started on the Blue trail, linking onto the yellow trail where the ascent begins and then branching off onto the Kiepersol trail (maroon trail). The faster paced group hiked toward the bridge and then returned via the Dassie trail to join us at the starting point.  

The medium and slower paced groups cut across the pipe linking up with the Dassie trail to return to the starting point.

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Field Notes:

The correct hiking footwear is always a smart choice on these trails. Our Merrell footwear proved again to be a winner on the day. We always hike in comfort when wearing our Merrell footwear. 

Many of our hikers have opted to purchase the Merrell hiking boots and only have good reviews about it. Our recce team all opted for the Erie Mid Leather Waterproof hiking boot. Our hikers have different Merrell footwear which they testify to the comfort as well. 

If you are planning to take hiking seriously, the first two items to obtain are good hiking socks and the correct footwear for your feet.
The Merrell footwear can be purchased online at 

A hiking stick is also recommended for balance and support on parts of the uneven terrain. This is an optional item.

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Trail Log:

While this venue offers a variety of trail options, ranging from very easy to very technical and challenging, we opted for a moderate trail.
The trail we chose has a steep ascent for about 1km and then a descent which is much easier although one should take care when coming through this descent. 

We dubbed it the Leah Trail which is named after my daughter.

As this was a fundraising event, many were new to hiking at Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve and therefore we had to take that into consideration. It is definitely not a walk in the park but very rewarding and tranquil.
This venue boasts quite a bit of wildlife, ranging from Wildebeest, Zebra, Springboks and Dassies. The birdlife on these trails are also quite a delight. 

You can see the Southern landscape when you reach the top. There is a river that you will cross that is tranquil while hiking.
As you approach the end of the trail, you will be faced with some rocky terrain where you have to cross over the river but nothing scary at all. You may need assistance which is always available. 

The hikers who visit this venue are always ready to assist and very friendly.
We always return to this venue because it is our favourite. You are spoilt for choice with the many trial options and the ability to crisscross the various trails. 

Make sure that you read the map before you start to educate yourself with the colours of the trail to avoid getting lost.

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