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Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Trails

By Must Love Hiking


It was time to return to our favourite hiking trail, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. This was also in preparation for the Otter Trail for some of our hikers. This trail is well known for its multiple trail options and easy-to-difficult trails.

5km, 7km, 10km, 12km,17km and several others on offer


The trails offer sufficient ascents and descents and are marked by different coloured bricks

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat, water and snacks


Both teams started on the blue trail, branching off onto the yellow trail, and then separating at the top where one team continued on the wildlife loop and the other team continued on the yellow trail toward the bridge.

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Field Notes:

Whenever you hike at this reserve, you must be well-equipped to avoid an unpleasant experience. Your hike vitals are important and that includes the correct footwear. Our recce team hikes in the Erie Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking boot from Merrell which makes our hiking experiences enjoyable.

You can own your very own pair of Merrell footwear by going to, let us know when you do so.

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Trail Log:

These trails never disappoint us and are always full of scenery, fragrance and wildlife. The trails offer sufficient ascents and descents to get your heart rate to an acceptable level. The river that runs through this reserve is always so therapeutic. It is one of my favourite views on this trail.

We are also always entertained by the Dassies on the Dassie Trail who seem to shy away from visitors. We are always searching for them among the rocks.

The wildlife on this trail is zebra, wildebeest, mongoose and of course the incredible bird life.