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Magalies MTB & Hiking Trail

By Must Love Hiking


Each week we are blessed to meet new members joining the hikes and this week was no different.
This trail is not adequately marked out and is a bit overgrown.
However, at the start or bottom of the trail, there are many paths that zigzag over each other and lots of loops.

Distances could range from 2km to 20km


The trail is unfortunately not well marked

Many hikers were wearing Merrell hiking footwear


As there are no clear markings of the kilometres on any trail, you have to calculate the distance for yourself.

The distances could range from 2km to 20km or more, but you need to measure it for yourself since the trail is unfortunately not well marked.

A fun walk, especially for beginners and mostly in the shade.

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Field Notes:

Many hikers were wearing their Merrell hiking footwear. It is becoming a well known brand on the trails.

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Trail Log:

As you go up the hills, the terrain becomes more rocky with lots of loose stones to manoeuvre through. Once you are on the top of the hill, you have clear sites of central Pretoria as well as Northern and Southern surrounding suburbs. A beautiful view to see from the top. The terrain on the downhills is rocky, with loose sand and stones all the way down. Once you reach the bottom, the paths zigzag until you find the entrance gate.
There is a natural fountain that is surrounded by bush, so not so easy to spot.

This trail is FREE.

There is no need to make a booking for this trail.

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