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Majakaneng Hiking Trail

By Shaun, Voets Toets Hiking

Majakaneng hiking trails takes you into another world! This community based trail welcomed us with warmth and gratitude. Old war memorabilia and an information session took us back to those days of history.

Trail options include a 3, 5 or 10km hike


It's a challenging hike with an elevated mountain climb, which does take your breath away!

Waterproof boots is an absolute winner!


The landscape is truly breathtaking with stunning mountain views. There is an array of landscape ranging from grassy lands to beautiful gorges with natural springs. We were given relief from the autumn sun by the trees and streams en route. Venturing into this land made me once again realise I'm meant to hike!

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Field Notes:

Considering the terrain we entered into, a pair of Merrell shoes is the way to go. My Moab 3 Apex Waterproof boots is an absolute winner! They fitted right, tight and kept my feet secure on rocky terrain. It yielded a supportive arch with great comfort from the kinetic fit footbed. The grip of the shoe was solid and secure, so climbing and navigating rocks was done with ease.

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Trail Log:

This trail offers a rich history of South Africa and the land wars that took place many years ago. Walking this trail gave me an opportunity to experience the beauty of the South African landscape while hiking for a cause. Being in this community setting reminded me of the true meaning of Ubuntu and how as South Africans we all come together with a passion for living life to the full!

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