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Mount Kilimanjaro

By Jenni Gault


My desire to climb Kili didn't match my medical rap sheet. I'm used to the stares of disbelief when I mention my history of Cardiac Disease, Bone Degeneration, Hip Replacements and Cancer.

35hrs of blood, sweat and tears


I put my pair of boots through over 1800k

Waterproof was essential. I loved the look of the leather boot


Summit Day was a BIG mix of emotions - 35hrs of blood, sweat and tears. My "high" wasn't on the summit, it was at the very late dinner that night when my head guide said "Jenni, have you even noticed that you were on The Roof of Africa" I'D DONE IT!!!

The freedom I found in the Mountains, mixed with the absolute joy I'd discovered being outside training; left me knowing that...

I was Born to Climb Higher.

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Field Notes:

As it turns out, the popular saying “the more you practice, the better you become” is no joke, it is the truth. However, doing this on longer distances, for many hours, on increasingly technical terrain, would have been nearly impossible without the correct boots.

Waterproof was essential. I loved the look of the leather boot (it's all about fashion) notwithstanding it was the correct choice. They are highly breathable, and the sole has a remarkable grip.

Once I'd put my 1st pair of boots through over 1800k, I knew I would forgo all of my equipment for the correct footwear, any day!

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Trail Log:

In March 2021, COVID left me totally bored at home. I've always loved a challenge and being confined during "LOCKDOWN" turned me into an Adventurer and novice Mountaineer.

To say I was inexperienced is an understatement, and my 7-month adventure to "The Roof of Africa" was an incredible learning curve. Geography, climate, vegetation, gear, equipment, survival etc, these were my subjects. Lessons fit for a Master's Degree.

This is where my relationship with Merrell began. Not only was I privileged enough to receive invaluable advice from a Kili Warrior, but I received my 1st pair of Merrell’s - My Boots - My Erie's.


My feet have always been incredibly delicate. They are very narrow; I tend to pronate and then overcompensate by walking on the outer edge of my permanently bruised baby toes. I used to buy a UK size 4 and during my first 2 months of uninformed Pre-Merrell training, I managed to lose 9 toenails ugly!

I was advised to wear Merrell UK size 5.5. At first, they looked oddly huge, but, they felt like slippers from day 1. I'll never make the mistake again of buying hiking boots that are too small!

Having that additional space in the bigger-sized hiking boot allowed ample space for the correct socks. This allowed me to increase my daily mileage very quickly, from 3km - 30km!

I don't walk naturally at all. I'm always nervous about slipping, and I'm still not a great fan of Downhill - which I now know is necessary to every SUMMIT adventure