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Mule Trail

By Voets Toets Hiking


The Mule trail situated in Broederstroom was the next stop for Voets Toets Hiking. It's a fairly new trail only having opened in December 2023. Being intrigued by this new location, we wanted to see what it was about and it did not disappoint!

This particular trail is immersed in history dating back to the South African war, 1899-1902, where there was conflict between the British Empire and the Boers.

Before you start the trail, there is a building that gives you information about the war, displayed in photos and information posters. The trail itself has several blockhouses and artefacts from this war which was a true learning experience. So this trail offered us both a great day out in nature together with some education about some of the history of our country.

6km trail on offer


Short, rocky, well-marked trail

Merrell Footwear; water; sunscreen; bug spray and a walking stick


We experienced the route as easy to moderate. There is a 159m elevation at the start of the trail, so be prepared for a climb! It's a well-marked trail with historical landmarks indicated en route. The view of the surrounding Magaliesburg mountains and landscapes were breathtaking. We got to meet a lot of furry friends and fellow avid hikers along the route, which made our hiking experience even better!

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Field Notes:

The trail is rocky at times, so Merrell footwear and a hiking stick is recommended. Even though it's a short trail, enough hydration is always needed. Good sunscreen and insect spray came to good use.

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Trail Log:

This is a wonderful venue with so much to offer. We treated ourselves to good food at the Nineteen69 Broederstroom restaurant after our walk. The staff were professional and friendly and the food was truly delicious! If you are looking for a family day out filled with getting some fresh air, good food and some information about SA history, put this on your list!