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Muningi Gorge

By Must Love Hiking


Steven and I were blown away by the response to this hike. As we approached the Muningi Gorge entrance, the cars were parked from the gate onto the road. We are so humbled by our hiker's commitment to hiking.
89 Hikers joined this hike and everyone spoke of its beauty despite its technicality. The Mamelodi Group of 5 joined our hike as well as the Hatfield Church hiking group.
Our youngest hiker was 5 years old and our oldest hiker was 69 years old.
It is an hour and a half drive from Johannesburg to Cullinan to this magnificent hiking trail. You will go through a Toll Gate for about R14.00 per car.
This venue only opens at 08h00 but they made a special concession for our group to start at 07h00.

3km, 5km and 8km trails offered


Extremely feisty with numerous obstacles

Merrell hiking boots, a hat, water and snacks, sunblock


The route to these trails starts at the same place but splits later on. You will cross over the river a couple of times before you get the trail split.

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Field Notes:

Good hiking boots are definitely a wise choice on these trails. Our Merrell hiking boots are always a winner for uneven trails. You can purchase your very own Merrell footwear on the website, www. We wear the Erie Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking boot that is super comfortable. Our hikers have chosen the Crosslander as well.

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Trail Log:

th trails run through an incredible gorge that takes your breath away. It is truly beautiful and makes you just want to stay there but that is not an option. You have to keep moving to experience more exquisite parts of this trail.
They are going to test your strength and challenge your ability to stay focused but just keep on keeping on.
The 5km - This trail is by no means easy because it is shorter. It is full of adventure and very scenic but brace yourself for some mighty challenges.
There are moments of absolutely "WOW" and then there are moments of "What the heck man".
We came across structures where we could take shelter from the heat to refuel before heading back onto the trail.
The 8km - Splits from the 5km at the river crossing.
You almost immediately meet a steep ascent where you have to use both your hands to navigate over boulders.
At the top, it does become flat but not much shade from the sun. It is important to have sufficient water and isotonic as well as protection from the sun.
The trail winds around toward the descent into a gorge as you approach the exit of the trail.

This hike makes for one spectacular trail that surprises you at every 50 steps, either a river crossing or climbing. It is all well worth it.
The cost for this trail is R120 per person
They have a small kiosk where you can buy some supplies. They do serve meals but it is best to place an order ahead of time if you are a large group.
The staff are very helpful and friendly.