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Olive Tree Farm Hike

By Must Love Hiking


Must Love Hiking, Hike #78 and #92, @Olive Tree Farm. Saturday, 16th of December and 23rd of March 2024 again.

2km to 9km trails are available


Moderate route - not too well-marked

Merrell hiking footwear, a hat, water and snacks


The first time we visited this venue, we started off with a somewhat minor ascent along the perimeter fence. The second time we opted for an easier start, which was on the left, out of the gate, and eventually into an ascent that was not a walk in the park.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell hiking boots are always a winner and more so on the muddy terrain. One thing is certain, the Merrell hiking boots have great grip. The weather was cool after it rained all night the first time, the second time, it was quite sunny and warm.

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Trail Log:

We were blessed to have Ash, the owner of @Olive Tree Farm hike with us. It was an educational guided hike by a very humble and passionate entrepreneur.
The trail is very green and shady with a beautiful lookout point where you can overlook the area and catch a glimpse of the animals. We saw the Giraffe, Zebra and a herd of buck grazing in the fields. Steven spotted an Ostrich running through the field and up the hill so fast, we could not even catch a picture of it. My favourite moment of this hike when we did it the first time, was spotting the golden Wildebeest as we were coming to the end of the hike. I have never seen that breed before but what beautiful creatures they are.
Our group of 38 hikers split into three groups with the Otter Trail Teams going the extra mile and completing 10km led by Paul, our fast-paced hiker. The other groups completed 6km and our recce team member, Michael led a group who wanted to hike to another viewpoint and completed just under 7km. We all gathered at the pool to refresh our tired feet while others took a dip.

After the hike, Ash joined us at Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant, Magaliesburg, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. Oh my goodness, there is so much to do there. The gardens are absolutely stunning.
We did gin tasting, candle dipping, clothing shopping, walked through the beautiful gardens, enjoyed the live one-man band, and had a yummy meal together.