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Otter Day at Rustig Hiking Trails

By Must Love Hiking


We have 5 Otter teams preparing for the well-known Otter Trail.
The Otter Trail is a hiking trail along the Garden Route coast of South Africa and is named for the Cape clawless otter which occurs in this region. Our first team will depart in September and then another team in October and the rest of the teams in the new year.
Excitement was evident among these brave hikers as they prepared for Otter Day at Rustig Hiking Trails, Magaliesburg with Must Love Hiking.

These are all feisty trails but exhilarating


5km, 9km, 13km & 18km

Merrell footwear is always a winner


Rustig Hiking Trails, Magaliesburg has 4 hiking trails to choose from, 5km, 9km, 13km and the 18km.

These are all feisty trails but exhilarating.

The route starts just through the back gate and off to the road and onto the trail. You are welcomed by a short ladder and then off you go into the magnificence of this feisty RUSTIG trail. It is by no means rustig.

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Field Notes:

Merrell footwear is always a winner and for this particular trail, it proved to be the right choice.

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Trail Log:

The idea of Otter day was to prepare our teams as they would hike on the Otter Trail. Thereafter, a presentation was done to the teams of what is required in terms of packing your backpack, meal suggestions and what to wear for the 5 days.

We opted for this trail as it presents our team with a more real impression of what to expect when they start on the Otter Trail.

The various teams were each led by the Team Leader for each group. It was evident that each group had a different experience but mostly, they hiked hard, they had fun, and they learnt some important lessons on this day.

I don't think that Rustig was ever so busy as this day.

Well done to all our hikers. You are super stars and you are going to enjoy the Otter Trail.

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