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Otter Trail Day 2

By Voets Toets Hiking


We woke up to an early, rainy morning at Ngubu huts with feelings of anticipation knowing that day 2 is one of the most technical and difficult days. We headed off with a mindset of sticking together as a team and taking it slowly and cautiously for everyone's safety.

The trail is 7.9km


This route is difficult and technical

Solid, waterproof Merrell shoes are non-negotiable, a walking stick, survival bag (recommended), multi-day hiking gear (raincoats, dry bags, cable ties, rope), water and energy snacks


The route was wet and muddy from it having rained throughout the night, so our raincoats and waterproof gear were a lifesaver! We made our way to Skilderkrans Cliff, where there is a lookout point. It's said to have a beautiful view of the coastline, but unfortunately due to the weather conditions, our views were limited. Nonetheless, it's still a sight to behold. Our next stop was at the Kleinbos River Crossing. The river was swollen from the previous night's rains, so we had to be cautious when crossing. The trail was challenging as it was slippery and muddy with numerous inclines and declines, which does tire the muscles. Regular breaks were essential to keep our energy and morale up. We then headed off to Bluebay beach. This was a tricky area to get to as there was a steep decline to reach this point, but with care and constant vigilance we were fortunate to be greeted by this beautiful area. After a look around the beach we then made our way to Scott Hut to settle for the night.

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Field Notes:

For this day in particular, waterproof gear was essential. Your shoes take a beating, so ensuring you have waterproof Merrell shoes will definitely make your journey more comfortable.

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Trail Log:

Day 2 is a difficult day where your physical and mental state is tested. However, with teamwork and camaraderie we made it! We settled into our cosy huts and got dinner on the go. A campsite fire, with a cool beverage ended our day off on a positive note. Needless to say after a tiring day, all had a good and much needed rest that night.

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