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Otter Trail Day 3

By Voets Toets Hiking


Woke up at early dawn energised and refreshed to get our feet going for another day of exploring and discovery. We were blessed with the most amazing sunrise from a mountain view which set the tone for the day. The weather was now our friend, with the sun not being shy to show its face. Our goal was to cross the Lottering River in accordance with the tides.

The trail is 7.8 km


It's a tough trail with ups and downs over the mountains

Solid, waterproof Merrell shoes are non-negotiable, a walking stick, survival bag (recommended), multi-day hiking gear (raincoats, dry bags, cable ties, rope), water and energy snacks


We were becoming accustomed to the "Otter Trail" style of walking. It's a tough trail with ups and downs over the mountains as was the previous 2 days. Cardio and muscle strength are important for this journey. We proceeded to Elandsbos river where the crossing was at knee height. We then enjoyed a much-needed brunch to replenish our energy stores with a beautiful view of the bay and gorge. We ascended back up the mountain en route to the Lottering River. A steep descent took us to the crossing. This river crossing was a bit higher, reaching waist height. Teamwork and helping hands got us through. We finally reached Oakhurst hut where we had a good meal and put our feet up.

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Field Notes:

My Merrell Moab 3 Apex mid WP shoes stood me in good stead. They navigated the trail with ease. Other hiking essentials as mentioned earlier apply.

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Trail Log:

Another stunning day of ups and downs the Otter way. The landscape was phenomenal with beautiful vegetation all along the route. Another epic day!