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Otter Trail Day 4

By Voets Toets Hiking


The most anticipated day 4 was finally upon us. We had a very early start at 3 am to ensure we would be on time for the epic Bloukrans river crossing. Maintenance of our physical and mental strength was definitely required knowing what the trail had in store. I knew that we were at nature's mercy with the rising of the tide, so having a focused plan was essential. Ensuring group cohesion and teamwork was non-negotiable. Our destination was Andre huts.

Day 4 is a 13.8km trail


The route is difficult and technical. Swimming and rock climbing skills are a must

Solid, waterproof Merrell shoes are non-negotiable, a walking stick, survival bag (recommended), multi-day hiking gear (raincoats, dry bags, cable ties, rope), water and energy snacks


The weather was mild with not a cloud in sight. At the 7km mark, we came across a rock pool with a waterfall. Some team members took advantage of having a cool dip in this beautiful setting while the rest enjoyed vital snacks. We finally reached the Bloukrans River crossing 6 hours after our early morning start. Feelings and thoughts of adrenaline, anxiety and uncertainty were present knowing this would be a challenging task. There was no time to waste as the tide was rising.
We all made it safely over the crossing, but there is no doubt that it was an anxiety-provoking experience with some bumps and bruises along the way. Lunch after that was a very quiet one with members processing and acknowledging the huge relief and accomplishment that just occurred. We continued our journey up a steep rocky climb with a hair-raising ledge. This section of the trail demanded both fancy footwork and a solid grip. We made our way up and down the mountainous coastline with our legs starting to feel the burn. We then safely reached our destination at Andre's hut.

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Field Notes:

Cable ties, rope and a survival bag was the most needed item for this day's trail.

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Trail Log:

Once settled at our resting camp we had a refreshing ice cold shower and reflected on the day's events. We rewarded ourselves with a hearty braai and a few cold ones. The view from the huts was truly beautiful, where we could just sit back and watch the waves. Our day had an awesome ending as we were lucky enough to have had the rare occurrence of a signal, so at least we were able to watch our epic Bokke match and celebrate with the rest of South Africa 🇿🇦