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Otter Trail Day 5

By Voets Toets Hiking

Nature's Valley

The final day. The day had arrived when our journey would end. My feelings were that of exhilaration, relief, tiredness and most importantly accomplishment. We had a well-deserved sleep-in that morning and started our final trek at 9 am. The weather was fantastic with the sun smiling down on us. We were heading off to the finishing point of Nature's Valley.

This route is 8.3 km


Moderate, but leisurely route

Solid, waterproof Merrell shoes are non-negotiable, a walking stick, survival bag (recommended), multi-day hiking gear (raincoats, dry bags, cable ties, rope), water and energy snacks


We made our way from Andre's hut with our first crossing being at Klipriver mouth. We ascended into a steep climb to reach the mountain top. We had a leisurely walk all along the mountain with beautiful lookout points, where we could see Andre Hut in the far distance. One can never tire of the beauty of our coastline! The vegetation was as stunning as always and we had a surprise visit by a lone bushbuck. Nature's Valley was in the distance and feelings of what I had experienced in the past few days came to reality. We walked along the beach giving our tired muscles a break from the ascends and descents we've been doing for the duration of the trail. We spoiled ourselves with a refreshing swim in the sea, in a way, saying goodbye to the most amazing experience we just had over the five days. We proceeded to De Vasselot where we signed out. Our shuttle was ready to take us back to Storms River Village where we would take a much-needed shower and have a comfortable bed to lay our tired bodies after the exhilaration of what we just completed.

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Field Notes:

I was very grateful for my Merrell shoes that got me through this journey! Being well-prepared with all the necessary equipment and essentials made this trip a bearable one.

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Trail Log:

We ended off with a team get-together, spoiling ourselves with a good plate of food and a few cold beverages. This journey taught me so many valuable lessons, ranging from being prepared for any scenario in the wild to being cognisant of my physical and mental state throughout this journey. Maintaining a positive mindset was crucial. I was truly grateful for this amazing experience and until the next time...... Adiós amigo's 👣