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Phaladingwe Hiking Trail

By Voets Toets Hiking


Phaladingwe Hiking Trail was Voets Toets’s next hiking spot for exploration and adventure. This African gem is situated in Hartbeespoort and is approximately 45 min from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

6.8km trail on offer


Easy to moderate, well-marked and maintained trail

Merrell Shoes; sunscreen; hat; Electrolytes/hydration and snacks


The trail starts at the iconic Preller house. This historical house was named a national monument in 1973 and was the home to Gustav Preller, a well-known journalist and historian. It's a circular route around the property which takes you past the Broederstroom Hills and Crocodile River. It boasts a vast landscape of open grasslands, a forested riverine, and beautiful mountain views. This trail has a few steep climbs but is easily navigated. There are several lookout points along the Crocodile River, which make good spots for a quick breather or a well-deserved snack. The trail is well-marked and maintained.

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Field Notes:

My Merrell shoes never disappoint in providing me with grip and stability. Sunscreen with additional sun protection is a must even in our cooler months. Electrolytes/hydration/energy snacks are always a winner.

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Trail Log:

Africaland is a diamond in the South African bushveld. It makes a wonderful adventure for families, good friends, and fellow hiking lovers. There is a restaurant available with delicious food and beverages for hungry hikers. Try out this venue for your next adventure.