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Segwati Challenge

By Voets Toets Hiking


Voets Toets Hiking ventured out on a very chilly winters morning to join the fun and camaraderie with fellow hiker's on the Segwati challenge at Segwati Safari Quad Bike Trails

There is a 10km, 15km and 20km hiking trail on offer


It was a challenging trail, with parts that had moderate elevations

A hiking stick and adequate hydration are a must!


There was a 10km, 15km and 20km hiking trail on offer, with each route ending with a well deserved medal

The route took us on vast and far ending areas of the farm land. It was a challenging trail, with parts that had moderate elevations and descents. It had sections that were quite rocky, so good footing was essential. The beautiful winters morning with a clear blue sky allowed us the wonderful opportunity to see far and wide over the area. The landscape was mountainous with a vast range of trees and grassy lands. The birds and wildlife we saw was truly a treat. 

We were also greeted by a tortoise en route, which was a cute surprise. There were several dams located over the land with a traditional farm windmill catching our eye.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell footwear once again provided us with the comfort and stability needed for this trail. The rocks on the descent were no challenge for our feet! A hiking stick and adequate hydration and snacks are a must! Even though it was a chilly winters day, hydration was still essential.

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Trail Log:

The trail was easy to intermediate, based on the trail having flat sections of farm road which were easy to navigate, and then more challenging areas of ascends and descends. 

There was a fairly sized group of hikers, which is always a bonus when you consider safety on trails. The venue offered hungry and thirsty hikers, much needed food and hot coffee to get the joints warmed up and energy levels up! Nothing like a breakfast bun to get a hiker going. 

The venue also had braai facilities available should you want to enjoy a traditional South African braai or potjie after your hike.

The Segwati challenge was a great day out, allowing us the wonderful opportunity to share the South African landscape and the company of good people! Check out their website for more info on what's on offer

Segwati 4th