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Segwati Hiking Challenge

By Voets Toets Hiking


On a crisp Autumn morning, Voets Toets Hiking ventured to the Segwati challenge at Segwati Safari Quad Bike Trails for another awesome adventure. Segwati is a stone's throw away from Johannesburg and has various activities on offer such as hiking and quad biking.

10km; 15km and 20km trails on offer


An easy to moderate trail which is easily manageable

Merrell footwear; hiking stick (recommended); sunblock; a hat; insect spray; snacks and water


Our route got off to a fantastic start where we saw a hot air balloon taking rise. What a stunning and rare sight! The route then took us to vast and far-ending areas of the farm. It was an easy/intermediate trail, with parts that had moderate elevations and descents that were easily manageable. It was a visual treat with a beautiful landscape. The view of the mountains surrounding the farm was beautiful, especially being such a clear day.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell footwear provided great comfort and stability. A hiking stick is not essential for this particular route, but it can give you assistance on the rocky sections of the trail. Sunblock, good UV coverage, insect spray, snacks, and enough hydration, are always a must.

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Trail Log:

We were warmly welcomed by the owners. Their friendliness and hospitality certainly set the tone for the day and made us all feel welcome. A tot of old brown sherry while signing in went down well and warmed up the joints on the chilly morning. 😂 Yummy breakfast buns and hot beverages were on offer. The venue also had braai facilities available should you want to enjoy a traditional South African braai after your hike. It was such an enjoyable experience where we were able to go at our own pace and enjoy the bushveld.