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Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

By Voets Toets Hiking


On a scorching spring day, Voets Toets Hiking ventured off to Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve in Heidelberg for a day of exploring 🇿🇦.

There are 4.5/10/11.5km trails


It has rocky sections

A walking stick and Merrell shoes are recommended


The reserve has 2 trail options : The Bokmakierie trail (10-11.5km) and the Cheetah trail (4.5km).

We completed the 11.5km Bokmakierie trail. It's a challenging trail where your cardio and muscle strength is tested. It has numerous elevations which are not technical in nature, but does require a good level of fitness. The trail is well-marked. It has rocky sections en route which requires good balance and navigation skills.

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Field Notes:

Going into summer it is essential that you have enough hydration/electrolyte drinks for your hike. We would recommend at least 3L for the Bokmakierie trail. Energy snacks and a wet towel/cloth to cool down your body temperature is recommended. Due to the rocky sections, a walking stick and Merrell shoes will ease your journey.

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Trail Log:

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is a beautiful area with lovely views of the surrounding mountains. We unfortunately didn't see a lot of large game, but the birdlife especially the Bokmakierie bird sang their beautiful songs throughout our hike. The venue does offer overnight huts should you want to extend your stay in the bush. For a good fitness challenge, we can recommend this trail.

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