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The Ground Venue

By Must Love Hiking

Ground, The Venue

"It is the climbing of the mountain that makes the view from the top so breathtaking" Another glorious sunrise to enjoy as we approach Ground, The Venue. This was truly an adventure on a trail that challenged most of our hikers. The ascent on this trail challenged many of the hikers but nonetheless, they enjoyed it and finished strong. This is a scenic trail which is well marked but can be confusing at times as the marking overlap each other.

9km Technical trail


A trail that challenged most of our hikers

A hiking stick is always recommended


The trail started with a steep ascent to reach the top with very little tree covering. It will be hot in summer of course. 

The descent of this trail is very rocky and uneven making it quite challenging. You could also reverse the trail which is what we did in September 2022.

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Field Notes:

The correct hiking footwear for a trail of this nature is of utmost important. It is always wise to pause as often as necessary when doing a hike of this nature. 

If you are planning to take hiking seriously, the first two items to obtain are good hiking socks and the correct footwear for your feet.
The Merrell footwear can be purchased online at

A hiking stick is always recommended for balance and support on parts of this uneven terrain.

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Trail Log:

This venue has a number of trail options but our group opted to do the 9km Technical trail due to a number of hikers training for the Otter Trail.
It is not an easy trail but rewarding once completed. About 10 hikers took the chicken run and returned to the venue.

The ascent on this particular trail was such a WOW moment for most. It is not easy at all. You are tested by the ascents and descents of this trail that force you to take special care when hiking.

The entrance fee to this trail is R60 per person. 

They accept cash or card payments 

They have a restaurant on site.

They offer wine tasting.


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