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Vergenoeg Hiking Trail

By Voets Toets Hiking


Voets Toets braved the cold and ventured out to Vergenoeg Nature Reserve & Hiking Trail. This site is situated in the Skeerpoort valley and Hartbeespoort dam in the North West Province.

Easy 4km, moderate 5km or advanced 10km


A lot of technical areas of navigation

Solid Merrell shoes are non negotiable!


This venue is popular among the hiking community. It offers an easy trail of 4km, moderate trail of 5km and the advanced trail of 10km. There are elevation gains ranging from 80m to 680m.

Voets Toets Hiking completed the 10km challenge. It's an advanced trail, which consisted of a lot of technical areas of navigation. Once at the top of the mountain, we were greeted by a beautiful ridge that made its way all along the side of the mountain. What a beautiful view of the valley! Even though it was cloudy initially, we were lucky enough to have had the clouds dissipate and the Harties view was our oyster! The Cape vulture is also resident to the mountain range, of which we were blessed to have seen. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

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Field Notes:

The advanced trail does require fitness and experience in hiking. A hiking stick and solid Merrell shoes are non negotiable. Due to rocky areas en route, it's imperative that you keep your attention focused on the trail ahead.

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Trail Log:

This is a beautiful trail where you get to experience vast bird life and stunning landscapes. The view from the mountain top was exquisite and worth the climb! To end off our adventure, the venue has a lovely coffee shop Gli Amici - Premium Coffee House where you can replenish your energy resources with a good cup of coffee and hearty food. This trail is a must for hikers seeking adventure and technical training.

Vergenoeg 4th