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Windy Brow Game

By Must Love Hiking

Cullinan, Pretoria

We started with a sharp incline into the Ecology trail to the top where you overlook the beautiful Cullinan area. This is where you can catch your breath before continuing on this magnificent trail. Very quickly into this trail, we spotted the Giraffes.

This venue has multiple hiking trails


It is very well marked and not easy to get lost

Merrell footwear is always a winner


This venue has multiple hiking trails, 4.5km Archaeology Trail, 3.3km Trilogy Trail, 5km Ecology Trail and then there is also a 10km green trail.

We followed the green trail aka, the Ecology trail that starts with an ascent to get the heart rate going.

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Field Notes:

Our Merrell footwear is always a winner for the uneven and slippery terrain. It is a wise investment if you are planning to take hiking seriously.

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Trail Log:

The Windy Brow Game Reserve has always impressed us. It is very well marked and not easy to get lost. There are some places where you will need to pause to see which way next. The terrain is rocky and slippery in some places so care must be taken when hiking on this trail. It is a good idea to use a hiking stick for balance and assistance on the tricky parts.

During the summer months, this trail is very green but since this is winter, it was bursting with shades of winter (browns, a hint of green here and there and then of course the many protea trees that are not yet in bloom).

We found some great rest areas with rocks for seating to enjoy a snack and chat.

We were blessed to see so many animals. Giraffes, Wildebeests, Kudus and Zebras.

  • The cost for this trail is R50pp cash only.
  • No booking is required.
  • You will have to obtain a gate code to enter the venue.
  • You can do so by calling the number on the main gate.
  • The restaurant will be opening early in August.
  • The ablution facilities are clean.


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