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Women's Day Hike at Lion & Safari Park

By Must Love Hiking

North West

Women's Day Hike with Must Love Hiking, Saunterer, and Estie Muller at Lion & Safari park North West

A total of 8 km was marked out for us


A lovely challenge for all the hikers

Our Merrell footwear is always a winner


Since we were such a large number of hikers, the management of this venue carved out a very special trail for our group. Our recce team together with Estie Muller visited the venue on Monday and did the trail in a Landrover with the team from @Lion &Safari Park. The trail was marked out on Tuesday and ready for our hikers on Wednesday.

The distance that was carved out for us was a total of 8 km on a trail that was not easy but not difficult either. It had sufficient ascents and descents and very uneven terrain. A lovely challenge for all the hikers.

We started at the Nineteen69 Restaurant and literally stopped traffic to cross over the road toward the Lion & Safari Park North West where we started the hike.

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Field Notes:

The spirits were high as the women and some men arrived in pink and purple to celebrate a defining moment in our nation.

More than 120 women set off on a specially carved out 8km trail in glorious weather. Many connections were forged during this hike.
The sound of joy was evident as the women and men hiked on this moderate trail. There were not too many ascents and descents but the terrain was quite uneven.

We were delighted by the presence of the very friendly Giraffe, who allowed the hikers to come very close and even stroke her. She walked a little with our hikers before turning away to go off on her own journey.

We saw some amazing wildlife. Giraffes, Zebra, Dassies, Buck and some hikers even spotted the Lions in the enclosure.

We gathered at the @Nineteen69 Restaurant for a meal and fellowship. The Manager, Herman and his staff were excellent in their service and the food was delicious. We were all blessed with a complimentary Brownie and Ice Cream for dessert.

Our Merrell footwear is always a winner and for this particular trail, it proved to be very comfortable and safe.

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Trail Log:

We had 153 hikers register for this hike with just over 120 hikers arriving on Wednesday, 9th of August to participate in the Girl Power Hike in commemoration of National Women's Day. We had a good few men support their women on this hike. They did not just show up, but they were dressed in pink and one even wore a tutu as well.

The vibe was exhilarating throughout the hike as many women came dressed for the occasion.

The Must Love Hiking members were all wearing pink caps and some in Tutus including myself to add fun and laughter to the experience.

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You can also do this trail in your vehicle or in the Landrover, but why not hike it instead?

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