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5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating


We all know how exciting the holiday season can be. There is always something to celebrate, and of course, nothing pairs better with celebrations than food, desserts, and cocktails.

But at the end of the holiday season, you’re left feeling disappointed with your binging, and pressured to go on hard diets so that you can return to your original body shape. So, what if we told you that you could skip this process altogether, and instead, indulge in the festivities but come out of the holiday season looking and feeling good?

For this blog, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you achieve this goal.


1. Don’t Be Too Restrictive

When it comes to foods such as desserts, candies, and 'junk' food, restricting yourself is not always a good idea. If you are craving a doughnut for example, but you do not allow yourself to eat one because you do not want to consume the extra calories, then you are more likely to spend the day looking for 'healthy' alternatives that will satisfy this craving. The problem here is that nothing 'healthy' will satisfy this craving, and at the end of the day, you may find that you have spent the whole day binging and consuming more calories than you originally wanted.

A more sustainable idea is to indulge in these treats, but practise moderation. Allow yourself that moment to really enjoy what you are eating, and you may find that you actually do not need seconds, because that craving has been satisfied.

2. Never Shop Hungry

If hunger turns to hanger (hungry anger), you'll want to ensure that you are nowhere near a grocery store. When we shop hungry, we feel encouraged to buy snacks that are quick and easy to eat in the car on the way home. The problem with this is that snacking when you are hungry leads to snacks replacing a meal.

3. Stay Hydrated

Often, people mistake thirst for hunger. Especially during the holidays when we are surrounded by friends and family, we tend to consume more alcohol, sparkling drinks, or even more coffee sometimes. This combination of sugary or caffeinated drinks makes us have cravings, and so we turn to snacks when in actual fact we should be turning to a big glass of water.


4. Eat Before You Drink

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach may sound like fun at first until you find yourself ordering everything on the menu at a fast-food restaurant. By ensuring that you are well fed before drinking, the alcohol will be less likely to encourage you to overindulge in snacks.

5. Choose Physical Activities

You will certainly feel better during the holidays if you include some physical activity in your schedule. Not necessarily a 2-hour hardcore gym session, but something as simple as going to the beach or going on a walk.
Take it one step further and invite the family on a hike or a trail run. A nice big dose of nature is bound to keep the spirits high and prevent that sluggish feeling one gets from consuming too much junk food.

And of course, wearing active gear during the day can certainly help you feel motivated to move your body in some way. A pair of Merrell's will come in handy with this, because not only is our footwear designed with out-of-the-box comfort, but also, they come in a variety of designs that look amazing paired with day-to-day outfits.

For the men, our Fly Strike range offers a variety of colours which could work well for a number of outfits. As for the ladies, the Bravada Edge is available in navy/black or paloma, and this design is the perfect combination of fashionable and functional.

You can have a balanced holiday season with treats and outdoor adventure – take the first step today with Merrell.

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