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Best Waterfalls in South Africa for Trail Hiking


Best Waterfalls in South Africa for Trail Hiking

After the shivering cold, snow-capped mountains, cold mornings and rain this winter, it is with great joy to welcome spring yet again. As the spring sunshine calls for outdoor fun so pack a picnic, pull on your trail shoes or dig deep in your drawer for that swimsuit you've been wanting to wear. 

What better way is there to welcome spring than to enjoy every minute of it, from the flowers blossoming and picture-perfect moments as the sun rises. To kick off the action this spring, we take a look at some of the best waterfalls around the country to go for a trail walk with friends and family.

Photo Credit: Drakensberg Hikes | All 4 Women

Tugela Waterfalls

First on our list is the Tugela Waterfalls, a beauty waiting to be marvelled and a natural wonder forming part of the famous Drakensburg Amphitheatre, a rock wall 5km long and 500 metres high. 

This natural wonder is known for being the 2nd highest waterfall (standing at 948 metres) in the world as it travels east to the Indian Ocean.

A trail hike to the Tugela Waterfalls is full of incredible scenic views, lofty mountains and waterfalls in a prime location within the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park. There are many trails to explore on foot and horseback on this journey, and together with your travelling party, you can have picnics as you take a break on your journey to this natural wonder. 

Making sure your feet are comfortable on this excursion is vital, and the Merrell Intercept is just the right fit for this journey. As a shoe for all occasions, it is packed with comfort, ready to handle any terrain. The perfect time to travel to the Tugela Waterfalls is after spring rains as you’ll find the flowers blossoming and the water flowing beautifully on to the waterfall, making for picture-perfect moments. 

Photo Credit: Stéphane Mahot | Wikipedia

Bridal Veil Falls

Located along the slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains on the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga the Bridal Veil Falls are the hidden gem of the lush Mpumalanga province. 

The falls are known for the soft spray which the waterfall generates, and looks like a beautiful veil that lends the fall its name. 

The Bridal Veil Falls boasts a 70-metre drop, and visitors look on in appreciation and wonder as the power of water is seen in its rawest form. Still, the misty spray and elegant thundering are mysteriously and undeniably beautiful too. It is this contradiction that continues to attract people to the falls to be a part of their flawless majesty.

The walk around the terrain is a tranquil experience boasting picturesque moments and a peaceful ambience perfect for spring. The Merrell Chameleon 2 Flux is the perfect shoe for exploring this terrain as a lightweight outdoor shoe it is excellent for hiking, trail walking, bush walking and other activities that require extra protection for off road activities. The outsole has increased traction to maximise stability on wet and dry surfaces.

Photo Credit: Stray Along the Way

Mnyameni Falls

Mnyameni Falls near Xolobeni on the northern Wild Coast is one of the most magical waterfalls you could visit in South Africa. This beautiful paradise is the true gem of the Wild Coast, hidden in broad daylight. 

Situated in the Amadiba section of the Wild Coast, Mnyameni Falls is only a 2-hour trip from Port Edward and is secluded from the road and off of the main tourist routes making it even more of an adventure to find.

A road crosses the river at the top of the falls, but the Mnyameni Falls are hidden below the full sight of the road, this sees most visitors drive right past it without even realising the beauty right around them. Even if you stop on the side of the road with your car to have a look, the river rambles through a series of small rocky cascades before being poured over the falls. 

Finding the falls can be a little tricky but if you're up for an experience, the best thing to do is to use these GPS coordinates 31°9'1.728''S 30°4'16.895"E. Getting to the bottom of Mnyameni Falls can be a little tricky and involves a short hike down the side with a few rocky sections. The Merrell CHAM 7 MID WTPF is ideal for such terrain, its protection, stability, and ultra-lightweight construction will carry you through the journey.

When you reach the bottom of Mnyameni Falls, you’ll be greeted by a wide sandy beach next to the pool. This beach has all the makings of a fictional world as it is sheltered from the road and rest the world by rocky walls of the cliffs themselves. Besides an occasional visit from cows and goats, nothing will disturb you as you bask away in the spring sun on the beach or swimming in the pool. A trip to Mnyameni Falls is just what the doctor ordered this spring.

The best thing to do now is to gather your travelling part and start packing, because after this read you are sure ready to visit one of these beautiful waterfalls and make beautiful memories

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