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Dominate the Trails with the Agility Peak 5


Are you an outdoor enthusiast that's looking to elevate your trail running experience?

You always enjoyed the great outdoors, getting your heart pumping whilst running, and breathing in the fresh scent of nature, but, something was missing.

Well, we have that something for you. Introducing, Merrell’s Agility Peak 5!

Agility Peak 5 Stacked Pieces

What Makes It Better?

- Cushion For Days

Even though you’ll be taking on rugged terrains and wildest trails, the Agility Peak 5 will be your next go to trail shoe for added comfort and softer cushioning! This footwear makes use of the FloatPro Foam midsole that Merrell has used in its trail running footwear design. Additionally, the ESS Rock Plate in the forefoot, protects the foot on gnarly terrain and uneven ground, by dispersing pressure evenly.

- Maximum Traction

The Vibram MegaGrip high performance rubber outsole features unparalleled grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The Vibram traction lugs are specifically designed to increase traction and grip, and shed debris with each step.

- The Ultimate Athletic Fit

Once you fit your pair of Agility Peak 5's, it's not going anywhere! This design provides even better foot security and heel grip – meaning that you can take-on any trail with total confidence!

- Redesigned Upper

No need to worry about your heel slipping out when you're wearing this footwear, because the new upper design ensures a locked-in heel fit, together with a more breathable upper.

- Protection 

The newly-designed and improved toe-cap of the Agility Peak 5 ensures protection of the tarsals and metatarsals, ultimately providing confidence, and improving performance. The abrasion resistant toe-bumper serves to ensure durability when being active in challenging environments.

- Sustainability

At Merrell, we remain committed to our role in the green movement. As such, we've incorporated eco-friendly materials into the construction of our trail running shoes. The breathable mesh lining is made from 100% recycled material, providing excellent ventilation, while reducing our environmental impact. Additionally, 100% recycled material is used for the laces and webbing. Furthermore, the footbed cover is also made from 100% recycled material, offering exceptional comfort and support, and minimizing waste.

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What Colours Can You Expect?

Not only are we pushing boundaries in the technical aspect of our trail running designs, the overall look is strikingly stunning – if we do say so ourselves!

With this range, you can look forward to eye-catching colour combos. For the ladies, we have beautiful bright colours such as Highrise/Celery, Atoll/Cloud, and White/White. For the gents, we have an array of bold colours such as Black/Granite, Black/Tangerine, and Highrise/Hi Viz, to name a few.

Additionally, for all the adventurous couples out there who love to experience outdoor fun together, you can enjoy a matchy moment, in the picturesque mountains! 

Well, there you have it! You have finally found the missing piece of the puzzle. That extra something that you never knew you needed out there on the trails.

So, grab your pair of Agility Peak 5’s by Merrell. Put them through the ultimate outdoor test, and let us know how they perform. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed!

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