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Merrell For Every Season


As the year progresses, we experience a spectrum of seasonal changes—from icy winter weather to the vibrant blooms of spring. Just as these shifts influence our surroundings, they also impact our physical activities and the type of footwear we need. Merrell understands this dynamic and offers a diverse range of footwear designed to support you through every season.

Whether you're a spring sprinter, a winter walker, an adventurous hiker, or a busy mom balancing multiple tasks, Merrell has the perfect pair to meet your needs. Our collection ensures that you can stay active and comfortable, no matter the season or activity.

Conquer The Cold

Who said that winter is for hibernating?

As a true outdoor adventurer, you know that winter is all about conquering the cold, and the best way to do that, is to invest in footwear that will assist you in every step.

In this regard, we’d like to introduce you to the Erie MID LTR WP by Merrell. This toffee-coloured, hiking boot comprises waterproof membranes, that seal out water whilst allowing moisture to escape. The full-grain leather upper is waterproof, and the bellows tongue helps keep out debris. Not only will your feet be protected from the harsh terrain, but they will also remain secure and well-supported due to the traditional metal hook lace closure.

Spring Sprints

Warm weather and fresh floral fragrances make for the perfect trail run day.

Enjoy encountering stunning spring blooms and magnificent insect life as you embark on nature's trail. After your warm-up jog, get ready to soar in our top trail runner – the Agility Peak 5

This trail runner is designed to take on the most rugged trails, providing you with ample traction, protective and abrasion resistant toe caps, and FloatPro® Foam midsoles for lightweight comfort. Available in several colours, it’s your go-to trail runner for any condition!


Summertime Madness

We all know how busy summer days can get.

The kids want to do something fun, you have errands to run, and you still want to get in that quick doggie walk, right?

So, you’ll need footwear that can take you from the mall to the trails. Something that not only provides comfort for your feet, but also looks great dressed up and down.

That’s where our Morphlite shines. Available in some unique and stunning colour combos that just scream summer, these road-to-trail shoes will take you through your busy day with ease!

Summer Run 2

Autumn Adventures

Autumn is truly a beautiful time of year. The earth's bright summer palette transforms into these rich and earthy jewel tones, bringing a different kind of warmth to nature.

This is what makes this season ideal for exploring nature, because you will be surprised at how different your favourite hiking trail looks.

But of course, you’ll need reliable footwear to take you on these adventures. For this, our Vego MID LTHR WP is a great choice.

This design ensures you're prepared for dewy autumn landscapes and chills, with its waterproof membrane and sticky rubber sole. Plus, the colour matches perfectly with signature autumn flannels.

Autumn 2

Enjoying The Great Outdoors Every Season

All in all, each season has its own charm—you just have to look for the beauty. Whether it’s the gorgeous icy mountain tops or the bright blooming flora along your trails, nature looks good in every colour.

Now that you’ve got our top picks for each season, let us know which Merrell style is your favourite!

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