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Run Wild with the Merrell Morphlite


In the world of running, where neighbourhood jogs have become the rhythm of our daily lives, a silent revolution is taking place.

Trail running, once a niche pursuit, has grown a staggering 231% over the past decade. But here's the twist – for every trail runner, there are six road runners. So, what is the driving force behind this trail run surge?

The Stats: A Surge in Trail Running

Before delving into a deep discussion on this topic, let's consider some eye-opening statistics.

Despite 50% of runners confessing to hate running, trail running has seen unprecedented growth. This surge is spearheaded by road runners seeking a new adventure, a breath of fresh air, and perhaps a break from the monotony of their daily runs through their neighbourhoods.

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The Merrell Approach: Finding the Love, Running Wild

In an attempt to encourage this running revolution, Merrell is championing a simple, yet powerful mantra: "Find the Love. Run Wild."

The strategy is straightforward – encourage road runners to swap just one road run a week for a trail run. After all, who can resist the beauty of the great outdoors, while fully experiencing it?

The Ultimate Trail Running Companion

We recognise that the key to winning over road runners, lies in offering the right gear.

With trail running footwear designed for every level of runner, we ensure that the transition from road to trail is not only seamless but also immensely enjoyable!

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our renowned Merrell Test Lab (MTL), where elite runners collaborate to create trail running footwear that redefines performance.

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Introducing The Morphlite: The Key to Bridging the Gap Between Road and Trail Running

Acknowledging the growing interest in crossover products, Merrell introduces the Morphlite – a road-to-trail running shoe that exemplifies dual-purpose technologies for multi-terrain movement.

This innovative footwear seamlessly blends running comfort with superior traction, creating an athletic package tailored for those who dare to traverse both road and trail.

What are the key features you can look forward to?

  • Lightweight Stability

Every runner understands the importance of lightweight footwear. With the Morphlite, you can look forward to a trail runner that is 15% lighter than its predecessor, the Moab Flight.

  • Premium Comfort

We can confidently say, that all our footwear designs, boast out-of-the-box comfort and the Morphlite is no exception! Using FloatPro™ Foam midsoles, each stride will feel like gliding through air.

  • Advanced Traction

The centre features a tailored lug pattern specifically designed to enhance traction on roads, while the perimeter design incorporates an increased depth to optimise traction on trails.

  • Enhanced Fit

The Morphlite’s design incorporates a full bootie tongue package, together with single-layer mesh to keep the foot in place and provide added breathability.

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There is no better time, like today, to take on the great outdoors! There are countless studies that have proven time and time again that being in nature is good for you, physically and mentally. So, whether you are a seasoned trail runner, or a road runner looking at branching out, Merrell Footwear is committed to designing footwear that meets all these needs.

As our Morphlite continues to break the barriers between road running and trail running, we invite you all to Find the Love. Run Wild!

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