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Things to Do on and Off the Trail – Tsitsikamma, South Africa


There comes a time when we all have the urge to get into our cars and venture off to an unknown place. However, we can somewhat feel overwhelmed once we have reached our destination. It is all fun and games to explore, but it can be even better having a roadmap on the trail. Tsitsikamma National Park is located along the renowned Garden Route, stretching between the Eastern and Western Cape, and is the ideal adventure spot of those seeking thrills both on and off the trail. 

We have compiled a list of exclusive adventure activities to consider whilst in this scenic location. This is perfect for those trail seekers participating in the Merrell Tsitsikamma MTB & Trail Run, taking place on the 13th of October in Tsitsikamma. If you have family coming along for the adventure, there are a multitude of activities they can do “off the trail” if trail running is not something they are keen on doing. 

Let’s dive right into the top four things to do in the Tsitsikamma area. 

1. Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours (33.974648°S, 23.888563°E)


This is by far the most popular activity on this list. This tour gives you the opportunity to come face to face with the Tsitsikamma forest and all its glory. This zip line tour carries you over the forest at canopy height. You will find yourself swinging from tree to tree at about 30 metres in the air. This is a guided of the fauna and flora of the area. This is both adventurous and educational – the perfect family activity. 

2. The Waterfall Trail (34.019471°S, 23.854936°E)


If “trail” is not your thing, but you would like to experience the feeling of chasing waterfalls, take into consideration doing "Day one" of the famous Otter Trail. This hike takes you along the rugged coastline for 3 kilometres until you reach the breath-taking waterfall plunging into a deep pool. This location serves as the halfway point of the trail. This hike can be tricky due to the jagged and slippery terrain However, it makes for an awe-inspiring experience once you have reached the waterfall. 

3. Blackwater Tubing (33.971859°S, 23.882599°E) 


Seeing as it is warmer in the southern hemisphere, water activities need to be on your list when coming to the Tsitsikamma area, (anytime between September and May). The Tsitsikamma forest can be seen from various vantage points, one of which is via tubing through the Storms River gorge. This experience is like no other as you drift your way through the deep red-brown waters. This tour is about 5 hours long, depending on the size of the group. It is the ideal activity for those adventure junkies or those wanting to ease their way into the extreme.

4. The Otter Trail (34.021055°S, 23.880053°E) 


One cannot merely venture to Tsitsikamma without experiencing some of the best hikes in the area. One of which is the famous Otter Trail. The Tsitsikamma forest contributes significantly to the unforgettable five-day hiking experience that is the Otter Trail. While on this trail you experience the beauty and diversity this area has to offer. The trail provides numerous birds, wildlife and indigenous plants and trees of this area – ideal for photography enthusiast and nature enthusiast alike.

This area has something for every member of the family - Whether you are a trail junky or not. The Tsitsikamma has a way of inviting you to become one with nature and explore her to the fullest. It will awaken the adventurous side in you, both on and off the trail.

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