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Top Tech Must Haves For Hikes


We know that people often immerse themselves in nature in order to escape their day-to-day busy schedules and the constant connection that technology provides.

However, what if we told you that certain technologies could enhance this experience instead of hindering it?

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of tech gadgets that are sure to help make your outdoor nature experience even better!

1. GPS

It can be easy to get lost when venturing out into a new hiking route. All the trees tend to look the same, or certain paths may be confusing. Hence, why we recommend taking a GPS device with you, that way, you can ensure that you make your journey back home safely. In many instances, Google Maps does not really help when you are deep within the wilderness, so an alternative recommendation is to download a hiking app on your phone so that you can refer to the route of the trail on the app.

2. Headlamp

This one is definitely depended on the type and duration of the hike that you are completing, however, a headlamp is a handy tool. It allows you to light up your path so that you can see everything clearly, while at the same time freeing up your hands.

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3. GoPro

Have you ever gone on a hike that had the most exquisite views, but you were unable to capture that moment forever? Well, with a GoPro, you can do all this and more! Perhaps you'd like to document your journey because for many people, completing certain hiking trails is an aspiration that they have dreamed of doing for a long time. This momentous achievement should certainly be captured and saved so that one can think fondly of it later on.

4. Binoculars

Would you call yourself a fellow birder? Then you'll certainly want to keep a good pair of binoculars on you during your hikes because you never know what beautiful birds may be singing about in the trees. What's more, is that it could also help you see things in the distance on your path ahead so that you can avoid any encounters with certain animals.

5. Smartwatch

Skip the bulkiness of a smartphone, and opt for a smaller, more convenient, smartwatch instead! With this device, you can track your steps, heart rate, and calories burnt whilst also keeping the time and distance of your hike in mind.

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6. Water Purifier

In the instance where you’ll be completing an overnight hike, then a water purifier or water filter is always good to have in an emergency. You can never know for sure if you will be in a position where you need to source some drinking water. Therefore, a water filter or purifier is a useful instrument which can remove impurities and bacteria from water, thereby making it drinkable.

Now that you have all the technology recommendations, let's talk footwear. There is nothing worse than sore feet during physical activities such as hiking. In fact, wearing shoes that are chafing or pinching your toes is enough to discourage you, and perhaps even make you feel more likely to go home. Well, with Merrell, you will never have this issue! Our footwear is designed, not only to take you on the strongest terrains, but also to provide out-of-the-box comfort, stability, and arch support. Get yours today, and enjoy every outdoor adventure thereafter.

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