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Top Tips for a Happy and Mentally Stimulated Dog


Dogs have been known to be man’s best friend for aeons. In fact, many have researched this relationship between dogs and humans, and the findings are interesting.

It was found that owning a dog can have a positive impact on human mental health and physical health. It’s also worth mentioning that this relationship is a symbiotic one, meaning that the benefits humans receive from their pups are also what your doggies experience in return.

These pets are known for their protective instincts, loving nature, and overall, their loyalty to their owners, or should we say; their families.
Hence, as fellow dog owners, who also consider their dogs as fur babies, you’ll definitely want to ensure that you are taking good care of them mentally and physically.

In this blog, we’ve put together some tips to help keep your pooch happy and mentally stimulated:

1. Enrichment Games

Sometimes, mental stimulation is more about allowing your dog to engage with all their senses as opposed to vigorous exercise.
As mentioned above, the simple exercise of allowing them to explore new scents is excellent for mental stimulation. Other examples include using interactive toys and puzzles that allow them to use their minds and work for a treat.

Certain dog breeds thrive by working, so taking some time each day to work on tricks and commands is also a great way to ensure that they stimulate their minds.

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2. Healthy Foods

We as humans understand the crucial role that food plays in our lives, and the same can be said for our furry family.

Always look at the ingredients of the food you are buying for your dogs, and ensure that it is packed with all the nutrients to help make their tails wag even faster, and their coat shine even brighter!

Research has suggested that hydrating dry dog food can be very beneficial for your dog’s digestion. This helps your dog break down their food and keep them hydrated.

3. Quality Time

For some of us, our dogs are our companions for a short time in our lives, however, for them, we are their whole world.

By nature, dogs are social creatures, therefore interaction between them and their owners is crucial! Even if it is something simple like going for a car ride together, fun playtime in your backyard, or relaxed moments simply petting your dog, quality time is of utmost importance.

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4. Outdoor activity

It’s known that walks are great for dogs, and many vets recommend 1-2 walks per day.

However, a walk in nature greatly surpasses a regular neighbourhood walk. Often, dogs find the noises of bustling traffic to be quite overwhelming. Pair this with meeting other dogs during your walk, and this can lead to your dog feeling overwhelmed.

Whereas, being outside, surrounded by nature allows them to engage better with all their senses. They can enjoy the softer sounds of their surroundings, explore interesting flora and fauna, and experience different scents.

And the best part about this final tip is that both humans and dogs benefit greatly from being outdoors in nature! Hitting the trails is not only good for physical health but for mental well-being as well! So, put on your favourite pair of Merrell trail runners or hiking boots, leash up your pooch, and enjoy some quality time in the heart of nature.

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