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Trailblazer & Pathfinder: Bruce & Tracey Campbell’s Fitness Q&A with Merrell


Bruce and Tracey Campbell are one special power couple – especially when it comes to being advocates for an active lifestyle. 

With years of race experience under their belts, Bruce and Tracey Campbell have been sharing an indoor bike and treadmill since the start of lockdown, and they’ve managed to stay both fit and sane throughout because of it.

For the two fitness enthusiasts to share their wisdom, tips and tricks with us, we hosted a live Q & A session with them and asked them to help us out with some of the biggest training challenges we’re currently facing.

Here are some of their insights.

Should I be doing cardio every day, and will I lose fitness if I don't?

You can do cardio every day, as long as you don’t do the same type of cardio every day. For example, alternate between running and cycling. But allow yourself 1 cardio-free day a week, too. This does not have to be exercise-free; you can even do strength training on that day if you don’t want to have a complete off day. 

You might lose a little bit of fitness if you don’t do any cardio at all, but you will get it back quickly.

How can I train at home when I have no fitness equipment?

There are many ways to redesign your programme to use bodyweight exercises in a similar routine. Bear in mind though, for the same stress on the body as with your gym equipment, your bodyweight training will need more reps.

You can also get creative and make your own equipment – dumbbells or kettlebells from bottles or bags filled water or sand; or even an old bicycle tube as an elastic band!

How to boost and keep immune system up in case we catch COVID-19?

You can keep healthy by eating healthy. So this is the time to reset how and what we eat. Maybe keep a log of your meals to start reviewing how much fruit, veg, fresh produce, protein and water you are getting in – and then aim for a balanced diet. 

The tricky part is not necessarily now. It’s maintaining this good meal routine when life gets busy again.

Bruce’s special tip: Try brewing your own Kombucha for all of its probiotics and health benefits!

Why are we training during lockdown if we have no races or events to work towards? 

Don’t train from race to race. 

Training is a lifestyle – something that you wake up and want to do. If you can make training a habit that you enjoy regardless of an event to prepare for, you will find a sense of relaxed fitness when you do have a race coming up, from the base you have built up over time. You can then be excited rather than nervous for your races. Another way to remain motivated and incentivised during the lockdown is to take part in virtual challenges. 

This is also an ideal time to have a look at your weaker points and start strengthening them. This could mean working on your hill-climbing stamina or your posture, or improving your core stability. This will go a long way afterwards when you do have an event to work towards, and you have the time for those finer details now that you wouldn’t have when building up to a race.

How does running in the garden compare to running out on a road with regard to stress on my body?

This was a good alternative when we had no option, but it is not good in longevity when you look at the impact on your ankles and knees. It can also get quite frustrating. 

If you do need to opt for garden-running as opposed to road running, depending on the lockdown rules in your area, focus on your heart rate rather than on your pace when gauging the stress on your body.

I don't have a pool. What am I going to do about keeping my swimming fitness and strength? 

Swimming and balance go hand-in-hand. While on dry land, create an exercise routine using elastic bands that targets your core. You can also work on your shoulders, traps and arms as you go to keep those muscles working hard.

Tips for how to get out of bed to train at 5am in winter?

Planning and preparation! 

  1. Set up your warm kit and your coffee machine the night before.
  2. Don’t hit snooze!
  3. Sit up in bed immediately when your alarm goes off.

Your body will thank you afterwards. You just need to do a little bit of extra prep to get it there first.

For extra tips on Bruce’s simple 4-minute stretch or for Tracey’s take on ankle weights, as well as for the couple’s top running shoe recommendation, watch the full video here. You can also find out more about Tracey in our exclusive interview with her here.

Equipped with this new knowledge, bolster your next move towards fitness and wellness with Merrell – your favourite training partner. Tracey and Bruce have each other; and you have us!

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